LV HOMES: by Rocio Romero

I find the new series of LV Homes by Rocio Romero as quite nice looking for their simple design and affordable pricing. The low-end LV kit starts at around $33,000 and can be upgraded in a number of ways including snowloading capacity, customized siding and a basement. The walls and ceiling of the basic kit have R-values of up to 50 and the minimalistic design makes for simply ventilated areas. The division of rooms in plan seems to work very well as to maximize the spaces within the 25'x49' (LV model) frame.

The downfall to these homes are the often high additional costs since they are really nothing more than prefab shells. Some things not included in the LV home purchase are electrical and plumbing installations, interior walling, flooring, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, water fixtures, appliances, windows and basic furnishings to the interior spaces. Depending on personal tastes, of course, I have heard estimates from $70,000 to $100,000 or more for these basic necesities which makes the jaw-dropping $33,000 original price tag seem a bit less enticing.

Above all the LV home is a step in the right direction for architects and designers continually trying to develop that ever out of reach affordable, sustainable, easily constructed home that could be further improved and produced on a large scale at some point. I look forward to seeing her future work.


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