Studio 804

I've been studying structural systems and approach to design/build architecture through a class taught by Dan Rockhill . He has an all-encompassing approach to design that moves from the tip of his pencil, through the construction process in his workshop and culminates in the erection of a building. He employs only a small handfull (6-7, I believe) of mostly B.F.A. students (he claims Arch. students are too flighty).

His most published work has been done with 5th year M.Arch students in Studio 804 which is a design/build instruction class. The goal of the class thus far has been to design and construct a local residence within the semester. Student are deeply involved in the process to the extent of talking to local constructors in order to understand building regulations to presenting proposals to the city in order to purchase the site where the residence will be constructed.

The most recent work by Studio 804 was completed in May. It was constructed in a warehouse in Lawrence, KS in six different sections then shipped to its site in Kansas City where the six elements were attached in a single day to form the whole. Here are some more photos:


MYSELF: Volatile, Water-Logged & Well Read

Here's a photo of myself that was mysteriously found printed on a pack of matches in a drinking fountain at the library. Thanks Elle

Rio Inspiration

I am just starting a new project in my 3rd year of M.Arch at the University of Kansas, and no, it is not this blog. I will be designing a hotel next to the Copacabana Palace in Rio for the rest of the semester. It's larger project than I have ever attempted to tackle but I know I can produce something extraordinary in this amount of time. I will try to continue to keep ideas up to date as I dive into the design process, although sleep might beat out blogging, following school and work that is, at some points. So far I have decided to emphasize the lush environment Rio offers by installling a trellis system on the exterior walls of the building to encourage vine growth, after all the year round average temperature in Rio is 86/69 F. Here are a few photos of my initial inspirations: