Sustainable Thoughts: On Blogging and our World

As if windmills aren't already beautiful enough.

My direction with this blog has been leaning towards sustainability lately, and although I plan to incorporate architecture into as many post as possible, I will also be posting a few things on the subject of sustainability because I have recently begun to sense the impact that we, especially as architects, can have upon the future of our world and health. School's winding down and that means that I will be getting to all the subjects I've been neglecting lately, as if anyone even reads this blog, atleast there isn't anyone I know of...YET. I'll just keep telling myself that pretty photos will draw people in.

Read this 8-week series of articles about sustainability from Slate.com, the Slate Green Challenge. It gives an overview on different aspects of sustainability with basic facts and simple suggestions on how to live a more sustainable life.

Most of you might think that this whole sustainability shtick is just environmentalist dogma, but much of the data is well founded and should be taken seriously. I know that the Kyoto Protocol and various other actions have been made to slow the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere, which I am concerned about, but the subject of sustainability is what interests me most. Our world-wide dependence on natural resources will only last so long. We might have ridiculous global warming a century from now and be much less affected by it than by the fact that many of our industries have halted due to the fact that we have not more oil, steel or even water left to be harvested on the planet. We must embark on a mission to find alternative, sustainable sources of energy because future generations will depend heavily on them. The answers will not be cheap and although sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword there are plenty of people that have no knowledge of or interest in the movement.

Additional resources:

Treehugger TV --- especially an interview with Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute and author of the book Plan B 2.0

via Transstudio.com: Raw Material Time Horizons, Remaining Aluminum Stores, Global Oil Estimates,

check out my previous post VIDEOS: Sustainability


VIDEOS: Sustainability

Any good internet user is well aware of the power YouTube. By way of the blog Jetson Green I first saw a portion of a Tim Russert interview with Tom Friedman, recent author of the book The World is Flat and a favorite contributor of mine to the NY Times. Friedman expresses his concern over sustainability, our international dependence on oil, and the role the U.S. must play in the future in order to remain as influential as countries such as China and India.

Another wonderful series to check out on YouTube (unless you prefer to order it on DVD) is design: e2, a six episode production by PBS that is narrated by Brad Pitt, who of recent has been a leading proponent of sustainable architecture. I should also mention that further analsis on the same design: e2 issues are avaivable through podcasts.


BOOKS: Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century

I've been frequent reader of the website Worldchanging for some time and am very excited to have recently purchased their book Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century. Not only did I judge this book by its cover, the cover's graphic design is gorgeous, but I just dove into the Shelter portion of the book and am already impressed by the breadth of material presented with such clarity. This section of the text is written largely by Sarah Rich and her Inhabitat companion Jill Fehrenbacher. By the way, if you haven't yet checked out Inhabitat, I highly recommend it, it's a well organized, inspiring and resourceful blog that I read religiously. The other sections in the manual deal with Cities, Community, Business, Stuff, Politics and Planet, all on a global scale and with the intent of educating the public on how to intelligently budget our resources and create sustainable living situations regardless of location.

When I get more into the 600 page Worldchanging book (I just started reading it today) I'll post the fascinating topics.